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Bike Service
  • Eurotek will have a full service tent within the main rider paddock, this is where you will leave your bike after each day so that our team can then get it prepared between races.
  • Our Mechanics will be on hand throughout, ensuring that any unexpected bike problems are resolved quickly.



Bike Transportation
  • Safe transport of your bike and kit bag from the UK to Kemer, Turkey.
  • Two drop off points, Eurotek or Gloucester.
  • Motorcycle  insurance included.
  • Carnet included.
Bike Rental
  • 2024 GASGAS EC 300 - £3500
  • 2024 Sherco SE 300 - £3500
  • 2023 GASGAS EC 300 - £2999
  • 2023 Sherco SE 300 - £2899
  • 2023 GASGAS EC 300 (used) - £2399
  • 2022 GASGAS EC 300 (used) - £2200
  • 2022 GASGAS EC 250 (used) - £2100
  • 2021 KTM 300 (used) - £2100

All prices include transport and full service.

All rental bikes will arrive fully prepared with appropriate guards and protection fitted (radiator braces, skid plate, handguards, fan kit, front and rear disc guard).

We usually send the bikes with a used rear tyre, allowing you to go riding a couple of days before the event to get the bike setup (at no extra cost). Come race day we will then fit new tyres and mousses to the bike so you’re ready to go!

Trail Riding Holiday

We now offer the option transporting your bike to Kemer for you to trail ride on whilst the event takes place.

We can arrange for a guide or you can just head off and explore the amazing terrain on offer!

Hotels & Race Entry

Please get in touch before entering the race as we may be able to help you out with exclusive offers!

If you are not sure where to stay give us a call and we can let you know where the paddock etc is then you can book accordingly.

Why choose Eurotek?

The Eurotek team has over 8 years of experience racing and supporting riders at Sea to Sky. The event organisers aren't lying when they say this is the most enjoyable hard enduro on the calendar. However preparation and organisation is still key if you wish to succeed! Over the years we have successfully transported bikes and kit for hundreds of riders, allowing them to take part in this fantastic event. In terms of the service package, you can be assured that we will be providing you with a first class service, giving invaluable tips and insights into both bike and rider preparation so that you can reach your true potential.


Bike Service




Bike Transportation
(Subject to fuel surcharges.)        

Additional information

Our transport package includes:

  • Bike & Kit insured during transport

  • Full spares backup for all makes

  • Air filter exchange service

  • Non service riders have the use of Tool kits, Rabaconda tyre changers & Easy Up’s

  • Race & bike/rider preparation advice available from multiple Gold finishers

  • North & South UK drop off & collection locations

  • Discount on spares plus many brands at Eurotek prior to the event

Sea to Sky 2020


To be filled in by all riders both competing and trail riding in full


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