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Bike Service
  • Eurotek will have service vans at the lunch stop every day with full spares backup and mechanics ready to help you.
  • At the end of each riding day, just hand over your washed bike to our mechanics for service and enjoy the rest of the day.
Bike Transportation
  • Safe transport of your bike and kit bag from the UK to Romaniacs.
  • Two drop off points, Eurotek or Gloucester.
  • Transit insurance included.





Bike Rental
New / used bike rental (including transit insurance)
  • 2-stroke and 4-stroke models.
  • Ready to race bike with all protection needed. (Radiator braces, skid plate, handguards, mousses,
    new tyres, fan kit, front and rear disc guard).
  • Service package included.


Why choose Eurotek?

Over the past 15 years Eurotek has supported has supported many riders through the Red Bull Romaniacs, ranging from professionals such as Billy Bolt and Paul Bolton to hobby riders. During this time we have been able to gain an invaluable insight into the demands, pressures and constraints placed on competitors. As a result we can offer a support package that takes as much pressure and worry off your shoulders as possible, allowing you to concentrate on your riding to get to that all important finish line.


Bike Service




Bike Transportation + Service






Bike Rental + Service

Used 2021 KTM - £2600

Used 2022 GASGAS - £2700

Used 2023 GASGAS - £2900

Brand New 2023 GASGAS / Sherco - £3500

Rental Bike Information

All rental bikes will arrive fully prepared with appropriate guards and protection fitted (Radiator braces, skid plate, handguards, mousses, new tyres, fan kit, front and rear disc guard). We usually send the bikes with a used rear, allowing  you to go riding a couple of days before the event to get the bike setup (at no extra cost). Come race day we will then fit new tyres and mousses to the bike so you’re ready to go!

If the off-road starts are too far to ride we will also provide transport to these locations free of charge!

Additional information

  • All spares needed before, during and after the event will be invoiced on return to the UK.
  • If off-road start locations are a significantly long distance away from the paddock, Eurotek will provide bike and transportation to these start areas.

Mark Jackson – Romaniacs 2020


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions or would like to register your interest in the packages we offer.


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